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Lumine Your Way LLC - Transforming Each Day, With Your Senses at Play

Teresa Gregg - Relationship Disability Coach





Maya Angelo says, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Let’s illuminate your path so you can begin to tell your story with compassion and from your heart center. 



Lori in Iowa

Teresa is such a positive and patient person.  She made me feel comfortable and open.  Through our sessions, I was able to define my goals and gain insight into myself, my relationships and start to chart a path towards bringing positive energy into my life.
I look forward to continued sessions, and I would recommend Teresa to anyone needing direction and looking to make a transition personally or professionally.

Jill in Colorado

Teresa’s spiritual source of energy is enlightening and her ability to guide me through a journey of self discovery always opens new doors. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone who wishes to take themselves to the next level in their lives and live with greater abundance!

Bobby in Mexico City

Being coached by Teresa has changed my life. The process has enabled me to know myself at a much deeper level and to understand what it is that I want out of life and why it's important to me. With that knowledge, it was just a matter of putting together a plan and executing on it. Teresa is a very thoughtful, intuitive, and insightful coach. I always felt heard by her - but heard on a very deep level and without judgement. With this level of listening and her intuitive abilities, she was able to help me identify my blind spots and get past the things that were blocking me from moving forward. A very powerful experience.

Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans


If you are interested in:

  • Increasing your intuition

  • Becoming more grounded

  • Understanding your past and future

  • Mastering your emotions


If you have a child with special needs and are struggling with:

  • Child's IEP/504 Plan

  • Understanding you child's disability

  • Communication with school and IEP team

  • Finding helpful resources


As you are struggling as an individual or couple with:

  • Intimacy and passion

  • Communication

  • Self-Image

  • Boundaries and Support

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