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Imagine your family tree standing tall and proud with its roots firmly planted into Mother Earth and the sun light warming your energy. If your roots are not firmly planted and there is little sun light seeping through its bent branches, then Lumine Your Way will illuminate that pathway to prosperity.


Are you a family:

  • Frustrated with your IEP Team?

  • Looking for a blind mentor for your family?

  • Interested in alternate techniques to help with energy, social and emotional strategies?

Are you a School for the Blind:

  • Looking for support with the ECC and alternate assessments?

  • Looking for a guest speaker regarding social interactions strategies?

Are you a Disabled Veteran struggling with:

  • Social and emotional wellbeing?

  • Re-integration into society?



Lori in Iowa

Teresa is such a positive and patient person.  She made me feel comfortable and open.  Through our sessions, I was able to define my goals and gain insight into myself, my relationships and start to chart a path towards bringing positive energy into my life.
I look forward to continued sessions, and I would recommend Teresa to anyone needing direction and looking to make a transition personally or professionally.

Jill in Colorado

Teresa’s spiritual source of energy is enlightening and her ability to guide me through a journey of self discovery always opens new doors. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone who wishes to take themselves to the next level in their lives and live with greater abundance!

Bobby in Mexico City

Being coached by Teresa has changed my life. The process has enabled me to know myself at a much deeper level and to understand what it is that I want out of life and why it's important to me. With that knowledge, it was just a matter of putting together a plan and executing on it. Teresa is a very thoughtful, intuitive, and insightful coach. I always felt heard by her - but heard on a very deep level and without judgement. With this level of listening and her intuitive abilities, she was able to help me identify my blind spots and get past the things that were blocking me from moving forward. A very powerful experience.


Discover Transformational Coaching

Chakra Coaching:

  • ​Discover how the chakras play into your disability

  • Learn to ground your family/tribal roots and begin to heal your ancestral family

  • Learn to become creative, playful and sensual

  • Rediscover yourself and your values

  • Ready to learn to make all decisions, reactions and thoughts from their heart center. 

  • Ready to be their voice instead of being next to their voice, while finding their own dynamic communication. 

  • Activate your intuition

  • Enjoy being one with the universe

For Family Members and Educators who want to: 

  • Learn how to communicate with families and IEP teams with Compassion-Focused emotional intelligence.

  • Become familiar with active sensing to improve social interactions and self determination.

  • Strategize on how to evaluate their values, social concepts and limiting beliefs to promote team engagement.

For disabled veterans seeking to: 

  • Understand and come to terms with their new life circumstances

  • Find a centered perspective to engage their lives from a place of power

  • Find their strength again through quieting the mind and igniting the senses


In all of my coaching sessions, I aim to provide excellence in self-awareness through the practices of Transformational Life Coaching.  I provide tools, strategies and action plans, so that you may reach your potential by capitalizing on positive possibilities and releasing negative blocks which hold you back from success and transformation.

Take advantage of my free 30-minute Coaching Session

by getting in touch below!


Peek Into Your Power!

Free 30 Minute Coaching Session

Discover if transformational coaching will help you seize on those positive possibilities while releasing negative blocks so your world may be illuminated with joy.


My Pledge to You

"Listening is a hug you give with your mind."

-Barbara Nixon

Lumine Your Way is the light shining in the darkness seeking to transform purpose, passion and self-awareness in you. Come meet the opportunity to begin to believe that your heart center will guide you on the right path.

I am so excited to begin our journey!  Here is my pledge to you:

  • I believe you possess all your answers

  • I believe with accountability you can achieve the possible for nothing is impossible

  • I believe with validation you will thrive and strive for success

  • I believe the only constant is change and you hold the keys to unlock that change

  • I believe you are greater and wiser than you appear to be

Lumine Your Way will allow you the time and space to:

  • Fuel your healing energy

  • Rekindle your authentic self-worth

  • Ignite your passion

  • Illuminate your values as a leader for yourself and others

  • Glow with your new found communication


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Teresa Gregg, CPC 

Lumine Your Way - Transforming Each Day, With Your Senses at Play

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