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"We need silence to be able to touch souls."

- Mother Teresa

Photo of Teresa Gregg

Teresa Gregg - Lumine Your Way CEO/Founder

Thought Leader Coach | Intuitive | Empath |Workplace Readiness | Family & Couples | Energy Healing | CEO
Guiding you to clarity and purpose
Creating a lifestyle that matters, around YOU

  • Mom of 2 adult children & 5 grandchildren

  • Born with Congenital Glaucoma & Uveitis

  • Had enough vision to see colors & objects

  • Looked like Inspector Gadget walking around with magnifying glass

  • Came from neglectful, abusive dysfunctional families

  • Chose a path of healing and forgiveness

  • Lost most of vision in early 20’s from glaucoma

  • Have 2 prosthetic eyes now

  • Was a stay at home mom, helped with marketing for an assistive technology company & was a Director of a Foundation who helped blind children in the state of Nebraska

  • After second eye was taken out – fell into a depression for about 2 years

  • Decided not to play the victim role anymore and learned how to speak my Truth from my heart center

  • A natural leader, mentor, nurturer, teacher 

  • In early 40’s decided to re-invent self and create my own business

  • Awarded the Hadley School for the Blind Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship Program Grant in 2016 to help start business 

  • Was certified as an iPEC life coach 2017

  • Certified to debrief clients in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment 2017 

  • Certified to debrief clients in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment 2018

  • Started coaching practice as Lumine Your Way, LLC in 2019 

  • Received Certificate in Energy Medicine in June 2021

  • Vision of Lumine Your Way is to illuminate your path and guide you to endless positive possibilities for a heart centered energetic passion driven lifestyle. This is done through creating your ideal image, your core values and releasing negative blocks which hold you back from success and transformation.  

  • Philosophy of Lumine Your Way is to understand it is vital for your sunshine to shine as brightly as possible. Grounding your Centergisitic self by filtering your sunshine through growth, change, opportunities, and Truth, will foster branches which can promote life changing transformation

I would like to give thanks to the following agencies who helped me create my business:
Hadley Institute for the Blind, Iowa Department for the Blind, Iowa Self Employment Program, Nebraska Small Business Administration & SCORE Program, and my family.

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Hadley Institute for the Blind Logo
Iowa Self Employment Program Logo
Nebraska Small Business Administration Logo

 If this has resonated with you, please schedule a free 15-minute session with me below.  Let’s begin to explore a new energetic profile which will allow you to shine so bright that we can Lumine Your Way!

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