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New Year’s Blog 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Abstract Image Depicting Positive Energy

It is time to invest in a New Year and let the old one go with all its isolating energies. Hark the Coach says let’s bring in a little holly jolly to 2021. Instead of coming up with a New Year’s resolution, choose a value or word you want to focus on for 2021. For example, my word is “abundance”. I am going to manifest abundance everyday in the actions and reactions I create. I will have abundance in my relationships, money, business, new ventures and networks and friends/families. Define your word of choice and what it means to you. Post it somewhere you can see it every day. I purposefully made it a positive statement, so I am putting that positive energy out into the universe. I will state/journal 3 things each day of how I manifested abundance. This strategy works better than creating a New Year’s resolution and have your subconscious sabotage your progress. Let me know what your word or value is for this year. Each quarter we will check in with one another and be accountable for your value.

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