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Resilience vs Reliance

While browsing blogs, podcasts, and various programs – the word resilience keeps rearing its head. The definition of resilience is the ability to reshape something to its original shape after being bent or pulled; the ability to be happy after trauma; withstand adversity. The definition of reliance is dependence on or trust in someone or something; seeking support and having faith and to have belief and conviction in something or someone.

How does this resonate with you when becoming integrated into society after COVID restrictions have been lifted?


Can you have resilience without reliance? I believe to be authentic you must have reliance before resilience. The courage, faith, trust assurance, determination and dependency which is the process of being reliant, while the process to bounce back from trauma and reshape yourself is having resilience.

Think of the value word you chose from the last New Year’s blog and test it with your reliance vs resilience. Will it hold? What support system do you need to implement to make the magic happen for you. Or do you need to eliminate a stressor to demonstrate your resilience? Think of your resilience as a rubber band. You can stretch it until it breaks showing off your anger, fear-based ego and apathy. Then you must implement reliance to be grounded again. You can wear that rubber band of resilience to help keep your lifestyle tight and strong. However, if your resilience rubber band breaks, then do you have a support system to bounce back with reliance? Or, maybe you need that rubber band of resilience to snap you once in awhile to make sure you are in alignment with your purpose and value.

To be honest, I struggled with my word of abundance for this year. My business and health have been tested and I have had to snap that rubber band of resilience so I would not throw in the towel. Be authentic while testing your resilience bs reliance against your value and luminate with that triumph.

Share your thoughts around resilience vs reliance and if you would like to create an action plan then schedule that free 30-minute Peek Into Your Power session with me.

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