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Chaos versus tranquility… Which is more powerful in our world today? How can we begin with balancing this seesaw of opposite forces? I believe it begins with the breath. Say the word “tranquility” several times out loud. When I say the “quil” syllable my breath is expelled. Try taking those deep breaths from deep within your diaphragm and slowly releasing it through your lips. Become centered yourself to begin to conquer the chaos around you. When you think of chaos and tranquility what is conjured up? Is it black and white, or is there some gray? Is it as simple as evil versus good? Is it dark and light? Is it hateful versus forgiveness? How do you begin to talk the walk of tranquility?

My five senses experience tranquility as the sound of the ocean waves, the smell of roses, the touch of my grand daughters’ soft cheeks, the taste of a hot cup of hot Earl Grey tea with a tablespoon of cinnamon whiskey and I see the color of the blue Wyoming skies I remember as a child. What about you? I think the key to balancing this seesaw of opposites is allowing yourself to feel it, experience it through your five senses, and then expelling it out into the universe. Ask the universe, or your higher self, how to emulate tranquility each day.


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