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Values Blueprint

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Values are vital because they define who you are. Values can also define your choice of actions or nonactions. Are your actions fear based, ego based, or value based?

Pick ten values most important to you. Consider what type of legacy you want to leave behind with these core values.

These values will be your guiding star to become more conscious and self-aware. Values gives your life purpose. It raises your energy level. These ten values will be your go to solution when struggling with a problem, obstacle or decision. Let these values and the New Year’s value word you choose to solve the issue. Make your choices and reactions and communication reflect these values so you are aligned with your spirit, body, mind and soul – not to mention your gut intuition.

Have you ever felt: overwhelmed, stressed, at a loss, do not know who you are anymore and do not know which fork in the road to take? Well, pull out your values list and check to see if you are in alignment with your gut intuition. Work smarter not harder. Be authentic and give yourself the gift of representing these values each day.

For me, it is all about owning my blindness, my gifts, my weaknesses and my family. I want to be a mentor and leader, so my choice of values reflects these characteristics.

Share your thoughts on values and which one is most important to you.

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